The short story ‘Undertone’ has been published in the ‘Greed’ anthology from Momaya Press. Undertone A sceptical sound engineer assists a paranoid theatre manager who has summoned paranormal investigators to prove a long held belief that one particular seat within the auditorium holds a chilling secret. The haunting power of music and the crippling grip of fear will entwine with

The short story ‘Good to go’ has been published in the WordPlay writers showcase. Good to go A man stuck in traffic ponders the monotony or traffic and life in general. Very soon, his desire to leave the motorway gridlock turns into a far darker need to exit more than just the road. About the WordPlay writers showcase: WordPlay ShowCase

EARTHQUAKE HOSPITAL SUICIDE SHOCK. A group of patients rescued from the earthquake in California were discovered carrying out a bizarre suicide pact yesterday. By listening in on staff discussions the four had discovered that all of them needed a heart transplant in order to survive, but only one heart was available. Not wanting to leave the decision in the hands

At the end of an alleyway in London, a dark blue Jaguar is found neatly parked into an inconveniently placed brick wall. There is no sign of the driver or any clue as to who they were. Meanwhile, a group of cynics who are fed up with how futile the world has become decide to payback society in a series