Short story ‘The friends we make’ has been published in the Gem Street: Beyond the Axis anthology from Labello Press. Featuring ‘The friends we make.’ A widow, who builds companions from furniture and pieces of her house, lives in fear after one of her creations resents his existence and seeks to punish his maker. From the publisher: Our boldest anthology;

The short story ‘Terra Firma’ has been published in the ‘Reaching Out’ anthology from Cinnamon Press. Terra Firma All the water across the world is drying up. On a beach that no longer sees any waves, a boy asks his father what is happening while he hunts for a dead fish. Reaching Out From the publisher’s write up: “Scarcity of

The short story ‘Feeler’ has been published in the ‘The Marvel’ anthology in aid of Comic Relief. Feeler A man disconnected from reality watches in silence as a young boy drowns at the beach. His mind is distracted by the paranoid fears of what sinister creatures and machines are lurking beneath the sand. About ‘The Marvel’ anthology The Marvel and

The short story ‘A corner of a distant field’ has been published in the ‘Hitler did it’ anthology from Stringybark Press. A corner of a distant field An old man digs the ground in a field, contemplating his life, retirement and the changing nature of work and the seasons. But the warm sun and the sweet smell of the meadow

The short story ‘Ox’ has been published in the Gem Street anthology from Labello Press. Ox A man in a nightclub becomes fixated with a girl sporting a partially obscured ‘noughts and crosses’ tattoo peeking out of her dress. Overcome with the desire to find out which side won, he sets about attempting to seduce he.  But he is not

‘Interactions’ anthology available at the discounted price of £12 for a limited period. All proceeds go to Interact Reading Service. The book features work by; Ruth Rendell, Toby Young, Nell Dunn, Seamus Heaney, Alan Ayckbourn, Max Stafford-Clark, Lolita Chakrabati, Alan McCormick, Christian Cook, Adrian Henri, Emily Pedder, Vicky Paine, Pete Barrett.

The story ‘Facing East,’ winner of the 2012 Ruth Rendell Short Story Award has been published in the ‘Interactions’ anthology. All proceeds go to aid the work of the Interact Reading Service in using live readers in hospitals and clubs to aid stroke recovery. Facing East A boy lying in a wheat field is counting down the days until he

The short story ‘This concerns no one’ has been published in the ‘Tipping Point’ Anthology. This concerns no one A man with no identity meets a man fleeing a deadly rumour and suggests they change places. About the ‘Tipping Point’ anthology: A collection of short stories that won and were shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award 2011. Every relationship and

The short story ‘Undertone’ was a finalist at the Momaya Press Awards. Transcript of speech at award ceremony: I’d like to thank Momaya Press for this opportunity to have my work read. Any writer given a single choice of fame, fortune or being widely read would choose to be read. But I won’t turn down any offers of fortune, just

The short story ‘Undertone’ has been published in the ‘Greed’ anthology from Momaya Press. Undertone A sceptical sound engineer assists a paranoid theatre manager who has summoned paranormal investigators to prove a long held belief that one particular seat within the auditorium holds a chilling secret. The haunting power of music and the crippling grip of fear will entwine with