‘The Friends We Make’ published

May 12, 2015

Short story ‘The friends we make’ has been published in the Gem Street: Beyond the Axis anthology from Labello Press.

Featuring ‘The friends we make.’

A widow, who builds companions from furniture and pieces of her house, lives in fear after one of her creations resents his existence and seeks to punish his maker.

From the publisher:

Our boldest anthology; 17 intense, diverse and exceptional stories from the winners of the 2015 Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize.
Whatever your taste in literature, ‘Gem Street: Beyond the Axis’ has a treat for everyone. From the outrageous rural politics in our winning story, ‘The Parish State’ by Will Haynes to the painfully beautiful narrative contained within Georgia Davies, ‘We See You’ and the quirky humour in, ‘Trollsboro, Vermont’ by Elizabeth Eber our latest creation promises to be our most delectable yet.

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