‘Undertone’ published

August 30, 2011

The short story ‘Undertone’ has been published in the ‘Greed’ anthology from Momaya Press.


A sceptical sound engineer assists a paranoid theatre manager who has summoned paranormal investigators to prove a long held belief that one particular seat within the auditorium holds a chilling secret. The haunting power of music and the crippling grip of fear will entwine with tragic results.

About the Greed anthology:

Greed is theme for the Momaya Annual Review 2011. The entries for the 2011 Short Story Competition came from around the globe. The In the First Place story, “Where There is a Will”, greed is illustrated quite literally when a wealthy man dies and friends and relatives scramble to discover who will inherit. Greed for power is shown in our Second Place story “Mao Yanshou” exerts his position by casting off a beautiful would-be bride for the emperor. Greed for sexual experience and freedom from the constraints of marriage are explored in the Third Place story “Will You Miss Me?” In all of these stories, the greedy learn their lessons. Will you learn the same lessons vicariously – and live your own lives a bit more virtuously as a result?

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