One of the highlights of the Baltonsborough Show today was an altercation between the Fun* Train driver and the Punch & Judy booth. (*The word ‘fun’ is being stretched beyond any reasonable usage here.) The Fun Train was driving around the village fete in a field tooting its airhorn. The airhorn was very loud. A large crowd was sitting around

In this day and age where our beloved national treasure, David Sir-Attenborough-face, can be seen regularly on our screens, Heimlich manoeuvring Barbie dolls from the delicate stomachs of baby seals, it is with a reluctant and heavy heart that I feel the need to suggest to a company that they should include more packaging in their products. And yet, here

Someone asked today what the difference was between ‘minor delays’ and ‘severe delays’ when riding on the tube. They were also intrigued by the phrase “Do not change here due to escalator work.” Here is the official explanation for these terms as listed on the London Underground website: Minor delay – Children are playing on the escalators and trying to

I found it very amusing that the latest TV commercial for Amazon’s Kindle is set on a beach. One of the last lines of defence for print books is that you can drop them in sand on the beach or spill coffee on them and they still function. It should be noted that the couple in the advert are sitting

In part one of ‘Living for the moment’ I looked at the concept that in every minute there is a single second that defines the entire minute and that these significant moments can often leave evidence behind that enable you to relive the entire event much later. In this second part I’m looking at how significant moments can alter the

In every minute there is a single second that defines the entire minute. If you just witness this single moment then you will have grasped the essence of the other 59 surrounding seconds. In every hour there is a defining minute and this pattern repeats right up through days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennia. This significant snippet of