In this day and age where our beloved national treasure, David Sir-Attenborough-face, can be seen regularly on our screens, Heimlich manoeuvring Barbie dolls from the delicate stomachs of baby seals, it is with a reluctant and heavy heart that I feel the need to suggest to a company that they should include more packaging in their products. And yet, here

In most people’s eyes, writer’s block does not happen to real human beings. Writer’s block only affects caricatures of writers, outlandish characters in foppish hats banging their heads against the blank sheet of paper on their cluttered desk. We can imagine a cartoon of Wordsworth, struggling with the first line to a poem; strewn at his feet are crumpled pieces

While it is true that many creative people in history have suffered many forms of malady from birth, both physical and emotional, the creative life itself can become quite literally maddening. This article will study three distinct stages during a creative lifetime and the effect this can have upon the mental wellbeing of the creative individual. 01 Seeking inspiration In