This piece resulted from my fight fire with fire approach to writer's block by writing about the feeling ion not being able to write anything. This wrong foots the block in an infinite logic loop and lets the words flow. The Catch A fisherman waits all day at sea. Despite the bait, nothing bites; his plate remains empty. He can
A centipede of commuters scuttles a hundred feet underground. We break free from jostling briefcases and arm-clamped free papers. Only the briefest of glances to the pearly kings we overtake, wafting their oysters through mechanical gates. Not at that Italian table amongst valentine couples, nor beneath Eros guiding arrows for the tourists  lost at Trafalgar. But there, within that square,

The short story ‘Terra Firma’ has been published in the ‘Reaching Out’ anthology from Cinnamon Press. Terra Firma All the water across the world is drying up. On a beach that no longer sees any waves, a boy asks his father what is happening while he hunts for a dead fish. Reaching Out From the publisher’s write up: “Scarcity of