‘Pulling Power’ published

March 1, 2002


A group of patients rescued from the earthquake in California were discovered carrying out a bizarre suicide pact yesterday. By listening in on staff discussions the four had discovered that all of them needed a heart transplant in order to survive, but only one heart was available.

Not wanting to leave the decision in the hands of others they began a twisted game of chance, in order to decide who received the heart.

“It was a temporary ward,” explained Dr. Bowndes. “There was a mass of wires on the floor that powered the radios, lamps, ECGs and ventilators by their beds. They went round, in turn, pulling out one plug at a time. They had no idea what was plugged in where… it was Russian Roulette with power plugs.”

The nurse who discovered the aftermath described it as like something out of a horror movie.


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