‘This concerns no one’ published

March 1, 2012

The short story ‘This concerns no one’ has been published in the ‘Tipping Point’ Anthology.

This concerns no one

A man with no identity meets a man fleeing a deadly rumour and suggests they change places.

About the ‘Tipping Point’ anthology:

A collection of short stories that won and were shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award 2011. Every relationship and every story has a tipping point: a moment of clarity; a realisation that actions lead to consequences; a decision that can affect the rest of a person’s life. Each of these ten beautifully written stories reveals a new perspective on those tipping points. They are subtle and thoughtful, shining light into dark corners, presenting to the reader a rich slice of contemporary life. There’s something here to satisfy every taste. Truth can be found in the desert; in the face of rising flood water; within the darkness of encroaching Alzheimer’s; in the changing circumstances that come with age; in friendship across generations; double cross; murder; corruption on the border of Nigeria; lost opportunities; domestic abuse. Read them. Let them illuminate the dilemmas that lie at the heart of our existence and the tipping point that lies in wait for us all.

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