The full spectrum of love

March 8, 2015

Today is not a good day
I’ll tell you that, black and white
and I’m feeling 32 shades of grey
that’s right, 32
I’m not being frugal
the human eye can only distinguish
32 basic shades, it’s true
if you don’t believe me
check it on Google

And I am b-rowned off
because I just wanna be round you
So I’ll sing you a rainbow
and unlike the song
I’ll keep the words true

I see you across the room
and my cheeks burn red
because I’m convinced you’ve read my mind

And if only I could re-orange my words
I could walk up and coolly order you another or-
oh, you’re drinking mango
never mind. ignore me, another time

I retreat on wobbling feet
cowardly custard yellow
and by the time I’ve mustered
the courage to yell-over to you

I am green with envy
because I see you a-greein’ to dance with him

and now I’m blue
because I realise I blew it with you
I think I’ll write you a note

to explain how I feel
using this oh-so-convenient sudden pot
of indigo ink
and… whoa! that stinks
that guy has his arm round another girl
and he’s leading her off to that other room
and in-dey-go!

and now you’re walking over to me
and talking to me
and my heart is beating violently
but now I see that dress I thought was violet
in this light, it’s fuchsia

but that’s not right
and now I’m back to being blue
because you and I can be never ever
you see, it drive me irate
when couples try to colour co-ordinate
so you and I
can have no fuchsia together

'The Full Spectrum of Love' at Hill House Writers' workshop

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